Natural Red Velvet Cake

Today for my boyfriend’s birthday I made “Natural Red Velvet Cake” from the recipe on The Big Bake Theory blog. Ashleen (author of The Big Bake Theory), taking hours of experimentation and her degree in biochemistry and molecular biology, authored this recipe. Instead of the chemical for red food dye, the recipe utilizes beet puree for the red color.


Color: Utilizing about 3/4 c. beet puree, the cake stayed mostly red/pink. The parts of the cake that turned brown were nearest the pan (sides and bottom, despite the parchment paper). The loveliest color was in the tops of the two layers, a gorgeous deep pink.

Texture: The cake was heavier and more dense than regular cakes (a bonus in my book), but still very moist and flavorful.

Taste: I accidentally put 3/4 c. of raspberry juice instead of the 1/2 c. listed in the recipe. The cake had a definite raspberry flavor, with chocolate hints and aftertaste.

Finished off with cream cheese icing, it was a hit with my boyfriend and his buddies. I highly recommend The Big Bake Theory blog  It was fascinating to read the science behind why Ashleen chose her ingredients. For more food science and delicious recipes, head over to The Big Bake Theory Blog!